Media Portfolio

PLAY, a family-friendly arcade with a bar and restaurant in New Bedford, MA, opened in 2020 and recently expanded to include the space next-door.

I produced this video, “Speaking for the Trees: Equitable Greenery in Boston,” with my classmate Brandon Hill. The video is about the importance of trees in urban infrastructure. It is part of a larger project on Boston’s level of preparedness for climate change and highlights the uneven distribution of tree canopy in the coastal city of Boston. David Meshoulam, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Speak for the Trees, an urban community forestry nonprofit in Dorchester, MA, shares about the benefits of tree cover — from reducing the severity of heatwaves, to improving well-being and community bonding.

This is the trailer to the mini doc, “By the Degree,” a video project that I created with my graduate journalism cohort at Emerson College. This project examines environmental equity in urban forestry, pollution, transportation and rising sea levels in the coastal city of Boston. The full video of the segment that I produced with my classmate Brandon Hill is entitled “Speaking for the Trees: Equitable Greenery in Boston” and can be found on this page or on my YouTube channel.

Silvia López Chavez conceived and created the Chelsea Resilience Mural in collaboration with GreenRoots ECO Youth in Chelsea, MA. This vibrant mural’s imagery depicts six diverse hands joined together and holding flags of ten words in ten different languages that are spoken in Chelsea: Resilience, Unity, Perseverance, Pride, Diversity, Togetherness, Strength, Determination, and Courage. A garden of national flowers from 33 countries of origin of Chelsea residents blooms across the wall.In this video, López Suarez talks about the importance of murals as public art, and the meaning behind her work.

What’s your first thought when you wake up in the morning?
This is the question I asked dozens of people who I talked to in Camden, Maine a couple of years ago when I created this short audio project through Maine Media Workshops.

I interviewed Boston-based artists Rob Stull and Rob “ProBlak” Gibbs about what inspires their work and learned that for both of them, community and the culture of hip hop is at the root of it all.